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How long can a carrier claim demurrage for unreturned containers? (demurrage / longstanding / abandoned cargoes) (roll over)

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company SA v. Cottonex Anstalt [2016] EWCA Civ 789: A container line, whose containers had been detained for a few months and seemed to be unlikely to be returned for some time, was not able to claim demurrage from the Shipper for an open-ended period.

Source: Ted Graham. Read news here (18/10/2016)

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Clecat y Fiata, las federaciones europea e internacional de los transitarios, han mostrado su malestar con las navieras con sendos comunicados en los que critican la aplicación de tasas “desorbitadas” en concepto de detención y demora por los contenedores que permanecen inmovilizados como consecuencia de la crisis provocada por el coronavirus.


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While it is understandable that there is an inherent need to collect container and terminal storage charges, both to compensate the shipping company and to ensure a quick turnaround, FIATA calls upon shipping lines and terminals to exercise restraint  in their demurrage and detention charges and practices, taking into consideration the unprecedented difficulties faced by the freight forwarding industry and other stakeholders amid disruptions to the supply chain.


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«Qué sucede cuando tu contenedor sufre un roll over (*)» (26/06/2018)

* El contenedor no ha sido cargado en el buque en el que supuestamente debía salir.

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«What is the significance of stack date and why is it important..?» (03/05/2017)

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Shipping Instruction (SI) Cutoff – Day & Time

Condiciones usuales: «Container would not be loaded on board intended Vessel / Voyage for Shipping Instruction received after Cut Off time and ALL additional charges incurred due to LATE SI submission will be charged back to Booking Party / Shipper.«

Definition: The latest time cargo may be delivered to a terminal for loading to a scheduled train or ship.


Booking request (shipment booking request form; cargo booking form; container booking request form; Air Freight Booking Request)

Shipping instructions


«Cut off for container weight data may be set earlier» (26/04/2016)

Source: JOC. Read news here


Carriers will advise the VGM cutoff time at the time of the booking, with electronic submission widely regarded as the most efficient way of providing the data to the lines and terminals given the vast number of export containers involved. (…) Carriers have already said they will apply a “no VGM, no load” policy from July 1. (…) Industry chatter around cutoff times for VGM submission has ranged from as little as 12 hours before sailing to several days, with little guidance from most ports and carriers.




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