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London P&I celebrating and warning

The London P&I Club, which is currently celebrating its 150th anniversary, stated that the physical risk to ships from cyberattack may not be as well understood by shipowners as those threats posed to traditional back-office functions such as accounting, payments and banking.

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«London P&I points to risks in cargo holds» (03/06/2016)

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«UK P&I Club announces strong renewal» (24/02/2015)

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«UK P&I Club launches self-assessment scheme for members» (02/12/2014)

Source: ITJ (International Transport Journal). Read news here


The UK P&I Club is trialling a new self-assessment scheme for its entered ships. The concept is designed to help the club’s shipowner members take a more hands-on role in identifying and controlling the risk of accidents on their vessels – which in turn could help to reduce their insurance premiums.


«The Shipowners’ Club posts strong results» (27/06/2014)

Source: ITJ (International Transport Journal). Read news here


The Shipowners’ Club, a P&I insurer in the smaller and specialist vessel sector, has reported healthy results for the twelve months ending 20 February 2014. Entered members, vessels and tonnage all grew, resulting in an increase of 9.8% in gross premiums, a combined ratio of 98.9% and an 8.4% increase in free reserves to USD 298.9 million. The results were achieved against a background of increased competition and a continuing upward trend in claims.


«London P&I with controlled growth» (05/03/2014)

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The London P&I Club increased its membership by almost two million gross tons over the past year. This upsurge reflects the entry of more tonnage from existing club members and the addition of new members from China, Greece, Singapore, Turkey, and the UK.


«UK P&I Club with positive 2014 renewal»

Source: ITJ (International Transport Journal). Read news here


The UK P&I Club, one of the oldest shipping protection and indemnity mutual insurers, has announced its renewal for 2014 following the closure of the renewal season on 20 February.


«Brighter year ahead for P&I Clubs»

Source: ITJ (International Transport Journal). Read news here


According to Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services, the global marine protection and indemnity (P&I) insurance sector is set for some improvement for February 2014, after a difficult year ending February 2013, particularly in terms of underwriting results. Total free reserves for the International Group of Protection and Indemnity Clubs (IG) could, in Standard & Poor’s view, increase by up to USD 100 million, although this rise is barely perceptible when set against the February 2013 total of just under USD 4.1 billion.