Madrid, centro operativo mundial de IATA

Madrid, centro operativo mundial de IATA


La Asociación Internacional del Transporte Aéreo sitúa en la capital española su mayor centro de operaciones, por delante de Ginebra, Singapur, Montreal y Pekín.

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"El tráfico de mercancías crece un 8,3% en los aeropuertos españoles hasta julio" (11/08/2014)

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"IATA escoge Madrid como sede de su nuevo centro mundial de operaciones" (12/01/2018)

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"Iata: Leading trio goes from strength to strength" (01/09/2014)

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«Commercial aviation began 100 years ago with one single aircraft. Last year the industry transported more than 3 billion passengers and nigh-on 48 million t of freight on close to 100,000 flights a day.» With these words Tony Tyler, the president and director general of the global aviation association, put the industry’s performance today in a historical and economic context, on the occasion of the publication of the 58th annual edition of the World Air Transport Statistics in mid-August in Montreal.


"Danger all around" (15/08/2014)

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